ECITB MJI 33 (Torque and Tension for the Wind Industry)


ECITB MJI training courses cover torque and tensioning techniques essential for mechanical joint integrity. MJI 33 is tailored for the wind industry, focusing on torque and tensioning techniques vital for mechanical joint integrity in wind turbine assembly. Participants learn bolted joint fundamentals, safe operation of hydraulic torque wrenches, and the application of tensioning equipment to achieve precise preload. These modules equip participants with the skills needed for safe and effective wind turbine installation, whilst addressing unique challenges crucial across the wind energy sector.

Awarding Body

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) oversees training, certification, and standards in the engineering construction industry in the UK, ensuring workers possess requisite skills and qualifications to maintain industry standards and safety regulations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Possess specialized expertise in torque and tensioning methodologies tailored specifically for the wind industry.
  • Demonstrate skills of bolted joint assembly principles pertinent to wind turbine installations.
  • Exhibit proficiency in the selection and utilization of tools designed for torque and tensioning tasks.
  • Demonstrate competence in applying precise torque values and tensioning techniques to uphold joint integrity and operational reliability.
  • Understand safety protocols and adhere to industry standards crucial for torque and tensioning operations within the wind energy sector.

Start Time

End Time


08:30 am
16:30 pm
1 Day

Course Structure



No prerequisites are necessary.

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