GWO Basic Enhanced First Aid (EFA)


The GWO Enhanced First Aid course is an advanced training course focusing on providing comprehensive first aid skills specifically tailored for the wind energy industry. It covers advanced techniques for managing medical emergencies, trauma, and injuries commonly encountered in remote or offshore wind farm environments. Participants learn advanced CPR, wound management, spinal injury stabilization, and evacuation procedures. The course emphasises practical scenarios and hands-on training to ensure participants are well-prepared to handle medical emergencies effectively in challenging wind energy settings.

Awarding Body

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) establishes and promotes standardized safety trainingcourses to ensure the global wind energy industry's workforce is equipped with essential skills, fostering professionalism and safety through industry collaboration and ongoing enhancements

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain proficiency in administering safe, effective, and immediate lifesaving and enhanced first aid measures.
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge to provide assistance in remote areas, utilizing advanced emergency  equipment.
  • To learn how to engage in medical teleconsultation to further aid in emergency situations.

Start Time

End Time


08:30 am
16:30 pm
3 Days

Course Structure



No prerequisites are necessary.

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