Aurora is uncompromising in our approach to protecting people and the environment and implement rigorous quality standards across all our services. At Aurora we are resolute on health & safety.

We value the safety of everyone who works for or with us. We continually strengthen our safety culture and believe that, given the right leadership and communication, all incidents are preventable.

Health & Safety

One of the cornerstones in our Health and Safety Policy is to reduce and where possible eliminate risk, which can cause work related illness, incident, or injury to our employees. We also care for those we work with, or who work close to our operations.

Our QHSE department works in close cooperation with our clients’ safety department, in order to find ways to make the wind industry a safe place to work.
HEalth & Safety POlicy


We work actively towards securing a more sustainable future and lower our impact on the environment.

Goals to preserve and protect our planet:

  • We will combat climate change by reducing our own carbon footprint, as well as supporting our clients to reduce their own footprints.
  • We will reduce resource consumption and promote the benefits of a circular economy.
  • We will ensure our operations are well planned to reduce needless emissions.
ESG POlicy


Delivering the highest standard of work means everything to us. As such, all our employees are highly trained ensuring we can always meet our clients' expectations and deliver a first-class service every time.

We hold ourselves responsible for providing customers and partners with high-quality services and goods by effectively managing and monitoring our processes and continuously improving to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.
Quality POlicy



  • ISO9001 - is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems, it is one of the most commonly used management tools across the world.
  • ISO45001 - is the international Standard for occupational health and safety management. The Standard reduces workplace risks to improve employee safety.
  • In process of achieving ISO14001 - the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Designed to help organisations to reduce their environmental impact.
  • IRATA - Industrial Rope Access Trade Association is the most recognised professional global authority in industrial rope access. 
  • GWO - Global Wind Organisation is a non-profit body founded and owned by its members - all of whom are globally leading wind turbine manufacturers and owners/operators.
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