Suncor Terra Nova FPSO Inspection

At a Glance


Tank entry required technical specialised access which included lead climbing techniques.

Value to Client

The FPSO is back onsite and fully operational in Newfoundland Canada. 

As a result of the work performed by the Aurora Team further work opportunities have been awarded. 


To carry out NDT inspections in the Cargo Oil Tanks (COT) and Water Ballast Tanks (WBT). 

To inspect lifting equipment and pressure vessels. 

Key Details

Terra Nova
Newfoundland, Canada



Aurora’s operations division team successfully mobilised a team of multi-skilled technicians to safely carry out this work. 


The team that carried out this scope of work consisted of six L3 Supervisor, six Level 1 and 2 operatives, all personnel were trained in confined space and lead climb through our internal training centre. 


Inspections from our competent body gives our client's peace of mind and allows them to focus entirely on other areas of their business.

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