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Tenemos una larga trayectoria en la impartición de formación de IRATA en todos los niveles.
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Tras completar 4 días de formación sobre los conceptos básicos para trabajar de forma segura en altura utilizando Rope Access, el último día es para la evaluación. Estas evaluaciones las lleva a cabo un evaluador independiente del IRATA.

For those who wish to progress their career in Rope Access, we offer Level 2 and Level 3 training courses. This allows candidates to learn further principles of rigging ropes, rescue, equipment inspection, risk assessment & method statements, and site supervision.
Upon completion of 4 days of training in the basics of working safely at height utilising Rope Access, the final day is for assessment. These assessments are carried out by an independent IRATA assessor.  

All Rope Access Technicians are required to complete this, so we do everything to help candidates work on any points they feel require special attention.
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IRATA Rope Access

This training empowers workers to effectively access and sustain their work positions while ensuring their safety. Rope access techniques are widely applicable across diverse industries such as oil and gas and renewable energy.

IRATA Rope Access


This refresher course helps maintain IRATA certification standards and ensures workers remain up to date with industry best practices for safe working at height.
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